Our Values


Leveraging the best of human creativity and technological performance The Cabinet MEDOU mobilizes all its resources to each new project combining the talent and creativity of its teams with the performance of the latest technologies. Thus, the Cabinet MEDOU created an alliance between human ingenuity and technological prowess to provide the best solutions for the realization of all assigned projects.
Commitment to each project The personal commitment of the Management Board of Cabinet MEDOU in each project, availability, experience are important assets for both small projects on a budget that for the most ambitious programs. In each case, there is no project without constraints: each client is followed with great attention and constant dedication. It is our dedication to our customers and partners their final satisfaction is our best advertisement as a company and strengthens our reputation with our competitors.
Wide field of expertise Cabinet MEDOU is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm with a wide range of expertise. We work in the fields of building, infrastructure, hydraulics, development, environment, project management and building economics. We know the different types of structures used in the building and the different materials whether wood, metal, concrete or an alloy between these different materials. All this combined with the experience and professionalism of our teams guarantees CABINET MEDOU to produce high-quality services and to meet the technical, economic and financial challenges of the projects entrusted to it.
Confidentiality CABINET MEDOU's professional approach is based on transparency and trust. Thus, we guarantee to our partner clients studies and expertise, established by our teams, with absolute respect for the confidentiality of the information collected.