General Information

The expert in building techniques must be a real professional, expert in construction expertise, as well as in compliance with the rules of the art, DTU and able to recognize the defects …

This professional specialty, the engineers of the Cabinet MEDOU have acquired it and are among the experts approved by the Professional Chamber of Technical Experts of Cameroon (CPET), and by the courts of the Republic. They are endowed with a continuous training, by a real personal experience of ground and a practice of the building expertise which develops each day.

The Experts of the Cabinet MEDOU are able to draw up a detailed expert report, which will allow you to go to court.

Experts from the MEDOU firm will be able to advise and answer questions, assessments and suggestions for work to be carried out and the technical safeguard measures to be taken to preserve and maintain a well-built property in good condition.

As such, they are specialized in:

  • Findings,
  • Real estate appraisals.

The Cabinet MEDOU building Experts therefore checks to summarize:

Problems of water infiltration, cracks or erosion Mold bottom walls of the basement, ground subsidence, drainage systems.

Slumping of floors or beams, blackish stains, uplift of wooden floors, crunches

Cracks, swelling indices, the whitish spots, the presence of pyrite and shale …